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At DiRT Canon, we believe in efficiency and effectiveness as it relates to Working Smarter! In order to make that happen, we have industry experts, data experts and business partnerships that allow for us to offer the BeST DiRT possible. In the Fantasy Sports Arena, competition is high and everyone is looking for an edge over their competitors. With data and analytics being a huge sports topic today and our unique expertise in the analytics space, we have been able to design and engineer some of the most innovative intelligence in the industry. We will continue to be on the forefront of technology as well as develop solutions that allow our members to have access to the most valid, confident and accurate information as it pertains to their ability to win on FanDuel & DraftKings.

Our partnership with Sportradar, allows us to compile all of the players, team and game statistics that we crunch in order to identify key performance indicators displayed throughout our reports and tools. To learn more about Sportradar, click here.

The Intelitech Group
Our partnership with The Intelitech Group, allows for us to combine our sports data set with the technology and infrastructure of a highly complex analytics environment. The power of our information comes from both of these entities. To learn more about The Intelitech Group, click here.

FSTA Member
As a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, we continue to work together to build a community of experts, thought leaders and innovative technology. We encourage you to check them out.

FSTA Member
Our partnership with Grid Iron Flag Football, allows for us to provide detailed stats and fantasy production for both players and teams in their youth league. The combination of statistics and performance allow The DiRT Canon to provide a platform for team and player development while enjoying the fantasy sports aspect of playing in the games.

Some More DiRT

While we might specialize in providing you all your statistics and fantasy sports content, we also play. Our favorite contests are the 50/50 contests as they provide the highest statistical winning percentage available, no shock there. While NFL is certainly the most entertaining the most difficult sport to predict, by far, is the MLB. Some of our favorite NFL teams include New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons & Seattle Seahawks. How can we have Saints and Falcons fans at the same time, good question, that’s why we have a work for us page, we are weeding out the Falcons fans. For the NBA, the Trailblazers lead the charge with the Lakers and lowly Nuggets coming in next. Yes, we said Trailblazers, don't be worried, they very rarely show up as recommendations in our NBA DiRT Analyzer, especially with Aldridge leaving town. In the MLB, we were going to list the teams that are our favorites but given that you are probably already laughing at us, we will just say Mike Trout...enough said for the MLB!

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