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Fanduel is about being the Owner and General Manager for your own team with the ability to create new winning teams each day.

FanDuel offers daily fantasy games for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. The different contest options include head-to-head games, leagues, 50/50’s, and tournaments. FanDuel has offered a $2 million first place prize… and a $10 million total prize pool in one Fantasy Football Championship weekend. Large prize pools aren't limited to the NFL, either. FanDuel is offering a $1 million prize pool in multiple NBA contests this year as well, and their Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship will pay $1 million to the winner.

Begin by creating or choosing your own contest to play against friends, or challenge and play against others from all over the internet.

If you’ve ever thought that you could build a better team than the Pros, here’s your chance to prove it! Develop a strategy, stay under the salary cap, and watch your team take down the competition! The premise is the same for all sports. You have a salary cap and a variety of positions to fill with players who each have salaries representative of their talent level (i.e. the star players in each sport cost the most money, while the reserve players often cost little more than the minimum salary… depending on the sport).

The object is to simply score more points than your opponent – and if you do that, you could be rewarded with cash in your pocket!

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to prove you know more than the other guy?

How to Play

To see all available FanDuel contests and how to play them click here.

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Fanduel Contests

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